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The Dangers of the Great Plain

Prose III

Edited by Kai U. Jürgens

A packet soups rep whose life has taken a turn for the worse has put up in a run-down hotel. He drinks a lot and looks out of his window at the street with its shop windows and passers-by. Memories and fantasies alternate with wild adventures which he literally tumbles into: cold spells, insect infestations, the abrupt slipping away of a civilisation. Then again he finds himself at the mercy of the charms of women who in the course of his work await him wrapped in towels or wearing bathrobes which suddenly part. At his side is Nobo, a character full of dubious ideas and intentions but whom the narrator has probably just thought up as a stooge. They find themselves on the road in a world without certainty, as long at least as they don’t remain in their own four walls.

The editor
Kai U. Jürgens, born 1966, studied literature and in 1999 completed his doctoral thesis on Ror Wolf. He has since written on contemporary themes in literature, film, art and music and works for publishing houses, daily newspapers and radio stations. He has a wide-ranging commitment to the work of Ror Wolf and is one of the initiators of the website He lives in Kiel.

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