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Raoul Tranchirer's Encyclopaedia for Intrepid Readers

Volume I

Edited by Kai U. Jürgens
ca. 400pp, with numerous, partly colored illustrations after collages of Ror Wolf

Raoul Tranchirer's Encyclopaedia for Intrepid Readers in three volumes

Advice, explanations and comments for the most diverse occasions in worlds above and below, listed alphabetically, and including entries on apple swindles, rubber men, bang silver, life shortening remedies, patent nutcrackers, Rossmässler’s works, swing machines, relationships of curvature and listener duties. Because: Not only the body should rest, the mind too must be protected from all excitement and disturbance (Ror Wolf).
The encyclopaedia written under the pseudonym Raoul Tranchirer is not only a sarcastic settling of accounts with delusions of interpretation and regulation of the world but itself constitutes a multiform universe full of untold depths, riddles and mysteries.

The edition brings together all the entries of the six preceding individual volumes. It is illustrated throughout with surrealist collages which Ror Wolf has created from 19th century and early 20th century publications. Many of these have never previously been published or new prints were specially prepared for this edition.

Volume I contains Raoul Tranchirer’s All Round Giant Advice Book for Worst Cases of the World (1983 and 1999). Printed as an appendix is a complete facsimile of The Lexicon of Proper Manners of Ror Wolf and Karl Riha (1964).

The editor
Kai U. Jürgens, born 1966, studied literature and in 1999 completed his doctoral thesis on Ror Wolf. He has since written on contemporary themes in literature, film, art and music and works for publishing houses, daily newspapers and radio stations. He has a wide-ranging commitment to the work of Ror Wolf and is one of the initiators of the website He lives in Kiel.

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