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Letters and Correspondence

Edited by Klaus Schöffling
ca. 320pp

An exchange of ideas, no matter how relaxed, assumes a degree of regularity. That I cannot guarantee. The only thing I can guarantee is irregularity.- What else? The usual. I write prose, lament the lack of drinkable red wine and try as best I can to grow older.- The business is altogether confusing, I don’t want to say anything about it now. The whole culture industry is confused and is smoking apocalyptically from every crevice. (Ror Wolf)

Letters from and to readers, colleagues, publishers, journalists, friends and kindred spirits, including exchanges with Hans Günther Adler, Thomas Bernhard, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Wilhelm Genazino, Robert Gernhardt, Ludwig Harig, Eckhard Henscheid, Brigitte Kronauer, Franz Mon, Hermann Peter Piwitt, Siegfried Unseld, Peter Weiss, Wolfgang Weyrauch and many others. This first selection from Ror Wolf’s extensive correspondence allows insights into the conditions of his work as a writer.

The editor
Klaus Schöffling, born in 1954, is Ror Wolf's publisher in Frankfurt am Main.

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