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Photo: Jürgen Bauer
Photo: Jürgen Bauer

The Collected Works of Ror Wolf. The New Edition for the New Century

Ror Wolf Works

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Ror Wolf wrote his first texts in the 1950’s – after half a century it’s time for a comprehensive survey.

The Collected Edition brings together not only all previously published books by Ror Wolf, but also includes scattered or unpublished work. It incorporates both preliminary and manuscript versions and for the first time makes available a wide selection of essays, reviews, speeches and letters. An afterword by the editor traces the genesis and reception of the various works and reconstructs the links between them.

The high quality of the presentation is in keeping with the importance of the author: Printed on age-resistant paper, cloth-bound and thread-stitched, with colour flyleaves, ribbons, dust jackets and slipcases, The New Collected Edition of Ror Wolf offers the most comprehensive opportunity to date of appreciating the writer’s work.

A very limited leather-bound special edition will appear simultaneously.

Ror Wolf WerkeIn a State of Expanded Calm - Collected poemsContinuation of the Report - Prose I
Pilzer and Pelzer - Prose IIThe Dangers of the Great Plain - Prose III
News From the Inhabited World - Prose IV
The Next Game is Always the Hardest - The Football TextsThe Loneliness of the Sea Bed - The Radio PlaysRaoul Tranchirer's Encyclopaedia for Intrepid Readers - Volume IRaoul Tranchirer's Encyclopaedia for Intrepid Readers - Volume IIRaoul Tranchirer's Encyclopaedia for Intrepid Readers - Volume IIIWalks on the Edge - Essays Speeches Interviews
Letters and CorrespondenceEverything Else Later - About Ror Wolf II – Supplement